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Cherokee Names and Facts

Cherokee Names and Facts is a research service for those desiring more detailed information about their ancestry. an extensive library of microfilm and other publications along with modern computer technology has greatly improved service for clients.

The fee for research is $150.00 per person regardless of how many rolls they are listed on. One will receive a great deal more information if the name is on one of the rolls after 1835.

For each name you wish researched please include the name of the person, the rolls that person is on, and any numbers associated with the name.

If the person to be researched is enrolled on either the Dawes or Guion Miller Roll, it is recommended that a copy of their application for these rolls be obtained prior to having a full research accomplished. These applications are very helpful in determining whether or not the person one is interested in having researched, is in fact of the same family line, and this process is a lot more economical than having a full research done from the beginning.

A great deal of information is included in these applications; covering the period (1898-1906) back to 1835. Items of information such as Mother, Father, Grandmother, Grandfather, Aunts, Uncles, Children, Date of Birth, and Date of Death are given.


Full Research (Hard copies of all rolls) $150.00
Dawes Applications with Census Card $ 35.00
Guion Miller Applications $35.00

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